Summer in Florida can feel like living in a dragon’s mouth – hot, fiery, and humid. We’d all rather experience it in a fantasy book and not our homes! Thankfully, Sunshine Air Conditioning is here to douse those flaming temperatures with our top-notch AC Repair and air conditioning service! Take a look at our services to cool your homes and offices.

Feel a Breeze with HVAC Repair!

In the land of endless summer, your HVAC can feel like an oasis. So when it breaks down, it can really heat things up (not in a cozy campfire way). Don’t sweat it! Our HVAC contractors have magic-like skills to put things right! From Ocala FL to Belleview, FL, we bring the chill back in your homes within no time.

Cozy Up with our Furnace Service!

Winter in Florida is as short as a snowman’s lifespan in July. But it does imply brief moments where you wish your furnace wasn’t just a decorative element. Fear not! Our Furnace service is the secret recipe to counter those cold spells in Summerfield, FL or The Villages, FL!

So remember, Sunshine Air Conditioning is your “Protector of Comfort”. From Silver Springs Shores to Marion Oaks, you can count on us to keep you cool (or warm) all year!