There’s nothing more vital during those scorching Alabama summers than having a reliable AC unit. As a trusted regional name, Turner & Schoel offers a comprehensive suite of AC services – from installation and repair to round-the-clock service and replacements in key areas including Tuscaloosa, AL, Cottondale, AL, Samantha, AL, and Northport, AL.

Expert AC Installation

Installing an AC unit may seem simple, but it requires professional expertise. Turner & Schoel’s technicians have a deep understanding of various AC models, ensuring they’re installed properly for maximum efficiency. Our team of experts will work closely with you, ensuring that the AC unit selected perfectly fits your specific needs in terms of capacity, energy efficiency, and budget.

Turner & Schoel also believes in educating clients about their AC units. After all, you should understand the product that’s keeping your home comfortable. This information enables you to handle minor issues independently and prevent damage from misuse.

Dependable AC Repair & 24 Hour AC Service

When your AC unit breaks down, the last thing you want is to be stuck in sweltering heat waiting for a repair service. This is why Turner & Schoel provides emergency 24-hour AC repair services.. Our licensed professionals are standby to rectify any issues you’re experiencing so you’re back to enjoying cool comfort as soon as possible.

Sometimes your AC unit’s efficiency declines due to gradual wear and tear of components. This is where Turner & Schoel’s regular AC service proves beneficial. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure that minor issues are detected and handled early before they cause notable damage.

High-Quality AC Replacement

There may come a time when AC repair services just won’t suffice, and replacing the system is the best option. With Turner & Schoel, you can rest easy knowing that the installation of your new system will be handled by experienced professionals who will carry out the task with utmost precision and zero inconvenience.
For top-tier AC services you can depend on, trust in Turner & Schoel. We’re here to ensure your home remains a cool haven no matter how high Alabama’s summer temperatures climb.