Morning Routine

The day starts early, with the vibrant sunrise peeking through my bedroom window. After a quick breakfast, I hop into my van stocked with tools and supplies. As an HVAC technician for All-A-Round A/C, Heating & Refrigeration, my job is to keep homes and businesses comfortable, no matter the Texas heat.

First Stop: AC Installation

  • The first job of the day is an air conditioning installation for a new construction home in Wills Point.
  • I carefully follow the blueprints and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper airflow and energy efficiency.
  • After a few hours of meticulous work, the new system is up and running, providing cool relief for the homeowners.

Lunchtime Hustle

With the installation complete, it’s time for a quick lunch break. I grab a taco from a nearby drive-thru and gobble it down while checking my schedule for the afternoon appointments.

Afternoon Service Calls

  • The next stop is in Terrell, where a commercial client needs a routine maintenance check on their HVAC system.
  • I thoroughly inspect the units, change filters, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.
  • After that, it’s off to Forney to diagnose and repair a malfunctioning air conditioner in a residential home.

Wrapping Up

As the day winds down, I make my way back to the office in Kaufman to restock my van and file paperwork. It’s been a sweaty but rewarding day, knowing that I’ve helped keep families and businesses comfortable in the Texas heat. Tomorrow, the cycle begins anew, but that’s just another day in the life of an HVAC technician at All-A-Round A/C, Heating & Refrigeration.