Welcome to the sunny side of life in Florida, home to Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc., your trusted partner in ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures. When the mercury spikes and the Florida sun blares, Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. is always at your service, providing top-notch HVAC solutions tailored to your needs.

Professional Licensing And Excellence

Nestled amidst this vibrant community, Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. stands out as a duly-licensed HVAC Contractor. The company’s professional licensing is a clear testament to its commitment to operate within the mandated guidelines, assuring all our clients of utmost integrity and top-quality services. Trust Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. to take care of your cooling needs, whether it’s a simple tune-up, complex repair, or a complete system installation.

Embracing The Fu Element

Beyond just providing cooling solutions, Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. has integrated a unique approach to customer service. We are inspired by the Fu element, focusing on happiness, good luck, and blessings – a philosophy originating from Chinese culture. We aim to bring the comfort and happiness associated with the Fu element into your homes and offices through efficient air conditioning solutions. More about this fascinating concept can be found over here.

The Community We Serve

Apart from our commitment to delivering superior HVAC services in Florida, Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. takes immense pride in being part of the community. With each service we provide, we strive to improve the residents’ overall comfort while contributing positively to the local economy.


At Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc., we believe customer satisfaction shapes our success. That’s why we continuously work to improve our services, making sure we go beyond the call of HVAC duties. Let us be your trusted partner when it comes to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your Florida home or office.